Dove Derma Spa Summer revived body lotion – Review


Hello guys. Today I’m doing another review. I really want to review more products on the blog, because I try a lot of stuff and sometimes I forget to tell you about some amazing products. So, I feel like I want to do more reviews on products that I try. So, today I’m going to review two body lotions from Dove Summer revived range. When I say two, I mean I have it in two shades. This tells you right away that I love this product.

I always start review on my opinion on packing. I have to say that Spa range from Dove has really nice, sleek packing. It is simple, but looks elegant and classy, which I really like. These come in plastic tubes, that are gold and bronze. Shade “light to medium” is in lighter gold, and shade “medium to dark” is in dark gold/bronzy color. I really like packing mainly because it is gold, it feels soft and smooth and looks really nice over all. You get 200 ml of product.


First one of these that I got was “light to medium” one, because I never use fake tanner or products like that. I just never got desire to try them but maybe in future I’ll try some, because I’m pale, not super pale, but I could use some bronzy goodness. So, basically I was scared that I can look orange, fake and basically a mess. But it didn’t happen. This product is really nice, moisturizing lotion that gives a tiny bit of color to the skin, which makes it glowy and healthy looking. It is really easy to do after shower, basically like you are using a normal body lotion. It is really moisturizing, leaves skin soft and smooth. What I like the most about this is that it gives just a natural flush of color to the skin, which in my opinion is just a little bit of enhancement to your skin. If you want a little bit more of bronzy color, basically you do two or three layers, which I did once and people notice that I was really naturally bronzy which is always good.


Shade “medium to dark” I bought after, because I knew that it would give me more color in one layer. What I like the most about this one is that it looks really natural, no strikes and it gives an amazing glow. Basically formula is the same as a previous one just this one is shade darker. This one gives you bronzy color in one layer only. It works for people who have pale to medium skin tone.

I would recommend these to people who don’t do fake tan, who are all about naturally glowy skin. I feel like this would work as a great moisturizer for people who do fake tan, just to add extra bit of glow to the skin. I’m really happy with these and I love to use them when I feel like my skin needs “a pick me up call”, to look glowy and healthy. That’s all for today post. I hope you liked it. Let me know which Dove product you can’t live without. Thank you for reading!


14 thoughts on “Dove Derma Spa Summer revived body lotion – Review

  1. I WANT THIS! I’ve never actually heard of this product before, but it sounds amazing! My skin can always use a little colour boost and I love Dove products – but, like you, don’t really want the fake tan look. Also, the packaging is VERY cute xx

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  2. Yeah me too. It’s part of their more expensive range, but it’s totally worth trying. I love the product and I’ll buy it again. 🙂


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