La Roche Posay EFFECLAR DUO(+) UNIFIANT review/recenzija


Hello everyone! I had a sample of this product and it legit made me buy it from the first use. I bought Effeclar duo just to sort out the mess that my skin is in. It didn’t really help, but I found new product that is actually working for me, it’s so much cheaper than La Roche Posay so I’m happy about it. Let me tell you more about this beautiful product!

Pozdrav svima! Imala sam uzorak ovog proizvoda i znala sam da ću kupiti ovaj proizvod nakon prve upotrebe. Već sam uradila recenziju Effaclar kreme iz La Roche Posay-a koja i nije baš riješila probleme moje kože. Ali sada koristim novu kremu koja pravi razliku, mnogo je jeftinija i vjerovatno ću uraditi recenziju da vam kažem sve o njoj.

I use this every single morning when I clean my skin. I use regular Effeclar duo treatment at night, but as this one is tinted I use it during day. The packing is the same as with Effeclar duo, it’s white plastic tube. You get the same amount of product which is 40 ml. This one is more expensive actually which I don’t mind because I really love it.

Koristim ovo kremu kao što bi koristila BB kremu ili podlogu. Još uvijek koristim Effaclar kremu svaku noć jer je želim potrošiti. Pakovanje je isto kao i kod Effaclar kreme, bijela plastična tuba. Dobijete istu količinu proizvoda što je 40 ml. Ova krema je skuplja od Effaclar kreme, valjda zato što ima pigment i vjerovatno više sastojaka.


This product is just amazing. If you love really natural look on your skin, something to even out your skin tone this is perfect. As you might know Effaclar range from La Roche Posay is for acne prone skin and it has been a favorite from many people. I use this one as a BB cream type of product. I did my Summer makeup look using only 5 products where you can see how it looks on skin. It gives that your skin but better look. It looks natural and you can’t see it on skin. It is really light weight and super glowy. It gives color to the face and just evens out everything. I have mine in shade medium, just because we are in summer and I have some color to my skin.

Ovaj proizvod je jednostavno nešto bez čega ja više ne bih mogla. Ako volite vrlo jednostavan izgled kože, prirodan sa blagim sjajom ovo je idealan proizvod za vas. Već sam uradila makeup tutorijal sa ovim proizvodom koji se bazirao na vrlo jednostavnoj rutini sa 5 proizvoda. Ovaj proizvod ne možete vidjeti na koži, jednostavno se stopi sa kožom. Vrlo je lagan na koži i daje dosta sjaja. Daje vam onaj „moja koža, ali bolja verzija“ osječaj.

I don’t think this would work on dry skin, because it is not moisturizing enough for dry skin I feel. It is great if you have normal to combination skin, because it works for me and my skin is like that. I use this every morning and I legit can’t leave the house without it. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of coverage it makes your skin so much better looking. It hides redness which is one of the worst problems I have with my skin. It helps with over all texture of skin, it kinda fills the pores nicely and just makes you look healthy if that makes sense. I do feel like it helps with healing process and it is really calming on skin. Honestly I prefer this one to original EFFACLAR.

Mislim da bi vam trebala neka krema ispod ovog proizvoda ako imate suhu kožu. Nije dovoljno hidratantan za suhu kožu ja mislim. Ja koristim ovu kremu svako jutro, ne mogu da izađem iz kuće bez ovoga. Lagana je na koži, daje vrlo laganu prekrivenost, ali napravi kožu ljepšom. Lagano puni pore tako da nisu puno vidljive, pokriva crvenilo što je vrlo važno za mene. Mislim da pomaže sa osjetljivom kožom pogotovo ako imate neke osipe na licu jer smiruje kožu i ne pecka.


You can use this one under the makeup as a protecting primer. I love to use it under the makeup because it is light, but it helps with texture of skin and size of pores. That’s everything from me. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know did you try this one before? Did you ever use anything from La Roche Posay? Do you have some product to recommend for acne and acne scars? I need some recommendations, because I really want to clear my skin finally. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

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Možete koristiti ovu kremu ispod šminke kao neku vrstu prajmera. Kada želim veću prekrivenost na licu koristim ovu kremu kao prajmer, jer popuni pore i jednostavno čini kožu boljom. To je sve od mene za danas. Jeste li probale ovaj proizvod prije? Jeste li ikada koristile išta od La Roche Posay-a? Hvala na čitanju. Želim vam lijep dan! xx

31 thoughts on “La Roche Posay EFFECLAR DUO(+) UNIFIANT review/recenzija

  1. Just the other day I bought Effaclar Duo, I couldn’t decide between the standard or tinted but went standard, if I like the effect I will be definitely doing the same as you and getting both 🙂 Great review, excited to get into using the standard every evening now 🙂

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  2. Good luck with it, I didn’t like it at all. It didn’t make any difference in my skin, I was super disappointed. I got this one because I had a sample and really loved the effect it gives. xx


  3. This one doesn’t claim all the crazy things that original one does. This one does make skin oily, but not in bad way oily if you understand what I mean. It just makes you look healthy and glowy, makes your skin perfect looking. If you have normal skin then it would be just alright, you won’t need powder. But if you have oily skin or oily parts then it will get oily through day. xx


  4. I explained that I use regular EFFACLAR at night, but I don’t see difference in it, I’m just trying to use it up, because it was expensive. This one is UNIFIANT which is basically tinted effaclar, that is really nice for no makeup look. I do recommend unifiant one, but I don’t recommend regular effaclar, it’s not worth the money for me. xx


  5. Same thing with me. I have a lot of acne scaring and left over spots, so though this one will sort me out. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, but everyones skin is different so it might work for you. 🙂 xx

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  6. I remember that woman in store asked me do I want plain one or the one with spf. Thank God I chose this one, I can imagine how horrible that is. I feel like La Roche Posay as a brand is not really amazing like they used to be. I used original Effaclar cream to clear out my skin for 15 weeks now and I don’t see any difference in my skin, even though everyone said it is “magical”. xx

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