Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask review/recenzija


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about Himalaya mask that I wanted to try for really long time. I read some really amazing reviews on this mask. Seems like a lot of people really enjoy this mask and I can say that this is pretty good mask. Let’s start with this review!

Pozdrav svima. Danas ću vam nešto više reći o Himalaya maski za lice koju sam željela probati već duže vrijeme. Pročitala sam dosta dobrih recenzija o ovoj maski, pa sad odlučila vidjeti da li je ovo dobra maska ili ne!

Packing is really simple, nothing special. So this mask is formulated with neem and turmeric. It is formulated with 100% herbal actives. This mask is targeted for people with normal to oily skin. It is supposed to be purifying. You get 75 ml of product or 2.65 fl. oz.

Pakovanje je vrlo jednostavno, nije ništa posebno. Ova maska je formulisana sa kurkumom i nimom (posebna vrsta drveta) i to su sastojci koji pomažu u borbi protiv akni. Ova maska je za osobe za normalnom i masnom kožom. Namjenjena je osobama sa problematičnom kožom također. Dobijete 75 ml proizvoda u ovom pakiranju.


The scent of this mask is really intense and strong. When you first apply it on skin it feels cooling and really refreshing. I really like the feeling of this mask, but sometimes if my skin is sensitive or I have a lot of break outs it can tingle, which is not the most pleasant. It dries in 15 minutes. I think this mask helps with oilyness and breakouts. It is not miracle worker, but it does help with size of spots. It doesn’t make them go away, but it kinda reduces them and makes them appear smaller. Can this clear out skin? I don’t think so, I mean it helps but it is not miracle worker as I said.

Miris ove maske je dosta snažan. Kada je nanesete na kožu lica daje osjećaj osvježenja i hladnoće. Definitivno osvježava kožu i imate osjećaj da dubinski čisti kožu. Nekada ako imam dosta akni ili mi je koža posebno osjetljiva ova maska može peckati na koži, što i nije najbolji osjećaj. Suši se u roku od 15-tak minuta. Mislim da ova maska pomaže sa uljima kože i masnoćom na licu, također pomaže i sa aknama. Imam osjećaj da smanjuje veličinu akni i crvenilo koje one ostavljaju sa sobom. Razlika je vidljiva, ali ova maska vam neće u potpunosti očistit kožu, ne daje tako dobre rezultate.


Would I recommend this mask? I would, I think it is really nice mask for oily and acne prone skin. If I have a lot of break outs I use this mask and I definitely feel like it helps my skin.

Da li bih preporučila ovu masku? Da, mislim da je vrlo dobra maska za masnu i problematičnu kožu. Kada imam dosta akni na licu, uvijek stavim ovu masku jer stvarno pomogne sa veličinom akni, smanji ih i ukloni nešto crvenila.

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That’s everything from me today. Let me know did you try this mask before? Did you try anything from Himalaya maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

To je sve od mene za danas! Recite mi da li ste probali ovu masku prije? Da li ste koristili nešto od Himalaye prije? Hvala vam na čitanju! Želim vam lijep dan! xx

46 thoughts on “Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask review/recenzija

  1. Hey Azra! Great review, as always! I have used this mask along with the scrub. It comes in the same sort of packaging. I used it for almost half a year on a weekly basis and it improved the quality of my skin. Its very cheap and since my skin is not very sensitive, it works for me. Then I switched to Biotique, which is so great that i never used this again! Haha.. but its recommendable!
    Lots of Love,

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  2. I didn’t see scrub here, we have really poor selection of Himalaya products unfortunately. I got this is set with face wash and soap. I quite like it for the price, I have some expensive masks that are not as good as this one, so it’s definitely very good. I hope I’ll try more Himalaya products, because I’m really interested in them. xx

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  3. I would definitely love to try more products from them, but we have really poor selection here. I really like this one and this is first one that I try, but I will try more for sure. Thank you dear. xx


  4. I really liked this review because it gave an in-depth analysis. Some people will say that a mask instantly removed all their spots and whilst that be true, I think it is more believable that it only reduces and is not a miracle worker.
    It seems like a great product though and like the idea of a cooling effect. xx

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  5. I never find any skin care product that gave instant results, I don’t think that is even possible. I love the cooling sensation that this one gives, it’s so refreshing and it feels amazing on skin. Thank you dear. xx

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  6. Though I have never tried this mask, but I have regularly used Himalaya’s Neem face wash during my teenage years, when my skin was really oily and acne prone. I wqs quite happy with it🙂🙂 Your review is to the point about thus product! I completely agree with you🙂🙂

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  7. This mask looks really interesting ! i like that it contains turmeric. i know that this ingredient is great for skin soothing!

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  8. I’m always scared to try masks; I have super sensitive skin when it comes to cleansers/moisturizers for my face.

    I like the idea of it helping ‘shrink’ the red spots even if it’s not a ton every little bit helps, right?

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  9. Ohh this is a good find! I love a masque with turmeric in it, and its suitable for my skin type. I also really like a cooling effect in my masque, so this sounds like its a great one for me to try. Thanks for sharing x

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  10. I did used its face wash which didn’t help me out and I have an oily skin. May be it depends on skin to skin. I haven’t try this one because I had high hopes for face wash. Nice thorough review though👍

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  11. I have seen this mask in the stores a lot of times, but this never intrigued me to pick it up. Looks like a good mask though. Loved your photography 🙂

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