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Blogging expectations VS reality


When I did my post “Is blogging fancy and fabulous behind the scenes” I talked about how most people have different thoughts about blogging and bloggers. Today I’m going to talk about what I learned about blogging over time, what I didn’t know before I started blogging. Were my expectations too big? Did I expect something unreal? Let’s see!

1. It doesn’t take a lot of time!
Like come on, what do you do as a blogger? Nothing, you take some photos, write some things and you are done! Yes really that’s the case in some perfect easy world. I already talked about the whole experience of making a decent blog post, it takes about 3 – 4 hours I wanna say. Before I started blogging I thought that you can make blog post in half hour, yeah I was really optimistic. I learned that it’s not really as it seems, blogging is actually hard work!

2. Views are there just like that!
I legit though that everyone is waiting for my posts and everyone will read them. Haha, yeah not the case! Making people read what you write about is actually pretty damn difficult. I know right now that having blooming statuses is actually almost impossible. You do have to post a lot, new content and interesting topics. Still most people don’t really read what you have to say, which is really sad because you do put a lot of work in post!


3. It’s easy to get followers!
I thought that following is easy to get, well I was really wrong. I mean I’m not really obsessed with numbers, but you know we all want more people to support our work. In ideal world you would be awarded for your work, with blogging that’s not the case. I legit though that people can’t wait to click that follow button, just because they see that I’m passionate about what I write.

4. You get free stuff all the time!
I think that most beauty bloggers though this. Oh boy, was I wrong! Brands usually work with bloggers that have large following just because they get better exposure that way. No one really works with regular bloggers that would give them honest review for free product. Today most brands would rather pay famous blogger to say something nice about their product, because that would make sales.

5. You go to the fancy events (You are a beauty blogger for God sake!)
Haha, just kidding, but I did think that you would be at least on some events. This is probably because I watch too many yt videos and those events make me speechless. Haha, not in Bosnia I suppose. In Bosnia there is not a lot of blogger events. I was on some of them and they were really nice, but I suppose I expected something magical. I blame youtube for this, I really shouldn’t watch those blogging events because in Bosnia we won’t have them ever!


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That’s everything from me today! I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know did you have high expectations before you started blogging? Are any of these relatable? Of course I’m not bashing blogging I love it and I don’t mind the fact that I don’t get free stuff every day or go to fancy events. I just wanted to share my experience, I really had unreal expectations and I’m sure most people do when they watch youtube and when you look at Instagram feed of famous bloggers. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

40 thoughts on “Blogging expectations VS reality

  1. I recognise so many of these, haha. It’s funny how your expectation can be so different from reality. My biggest expectation was probably having a lot of views and followers but I’ve learned to enjoy the slow growth, day per day! Great (relatable) post! xx

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  2. We have some, but brands usually do them once a year if we are lucky. It’s a shame, because blogger events can be really cool and great opportunity to meet other bloggers. xx


  3. I also had that, I really thought it’s easy to gain followers because you are working hard and enjoying what you do. But unfortunately it’s not like that, hopefully it will get easier with time. Thank you. xx

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  4. Okay, this is just so much truth in one post! Before I started blogging, I thought it was super easy and that all the success would just fall into my lap…. LOL, boy was I wrong! xx

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  5. All so true! Blogging isn’t easy, especially for those who are passionate about what they do. Companies make is hard for us little fish unless we have 10-20K followers, and to get free products they make you jump through hoops. All I can say is say focused and continue giving us great contact. With time and dedication it will one day pay off!

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  6. Can’t agree more. Some companies legit think that you’ll do anything just to get something for free. They will rather pay popular bloggers to “review” their product. xx

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  7. You are correct. Before I began to blog I read about famous bloggers and their journey, so I did not have unrealistic expectations. It appears that they put in years and thousands of hours into their craft before they got noticed. For now, I am happily blogging to serve others. This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.

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