Products I’ve used up – Empties #4


Hello everyone. Today I have new Empties post. I love these kind of posts because you can really tell do you like product or not when you use it up. These are amazing to read especially if you are looking to try some new products. So, let me tell you something about products that I recently used up.

Avon Advance Techniques Daily shine Mirror Shine Spray
This is such a nice shine spray for hair. I feel like it gives such a nice shiny finish to hair without making it look greasy or messy. I would definitely buy this one again because it is really nice product, especially for night out. When I used this one for hair style I felt like I didn’t need any hair spray because this one works as hair spray as well. This is an amazing product, you have to try it.

Essence Hi, I care for you handcreme/floral fragrance
This is a nice every day hand cream. It has really nice scent. Packing is super cute. This hand cream has jojoba and coconut oil extract so it is moisturizing one, but it’s not heavy. I feel like it is not moisturizing enough for night hand care, but for day to day basis it is good, because it doesn’t leave oily residue. It was part of my July favorites.

Fresh ‘n’ Soft Premium Makeup remover wipes for dry and sensitive skin
These were really nice makeup removing wipes. They are super soft and gentle on skin. Worked really good at removing makeup, they didn’t hurt my skin or produced any break outs. I would buy these again, because they were really good.

Labello Care & Color lip balm/Rose
This is a nice lip balm, but it’s not moisturizing enough for my lips. I mentioned quite a few times that I have really dry lips, so for me, it is really hard to find good lip balm. They are usually not moisturizing enough and I feel like they just sit on top of my lips. This one was like that. Also, this one is tinted, it has one of those dead looking pale rose, almost white shade. So I used this one just as preparation for lipstick. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Le petit Marseiliais karite body butter/Camomile and fig
This body butter was really nice. It was in my favorites as well, that’s how much I loved it. It is a rich butter/cream, it is not super tick which is really nice, because it is easier to apply it. I liked the scent a lot, I would usually put this all over my body before going out on party, especially in summer. I though it was really moisturizing, but as I was keep using it I feel like my body/skin got used to it, because I was using it non stop. I would buy it again for sure, because I think it is an awesome product.


Misslyn liquid concealer/01 – Wheat
I liked the fact that this concealer did an awesome job at highlighting under eyes, but I feel like it lacks with coverage. From concealer I need a little bit more coverage, this one is like light to medium coverage if you build it up. It was really light under the eyes which is really nice, it felt like you don’t have anything on. I wouldn’t buy it again because I feel like you can find some that is way better, this one was fine, but not good enough.

Manhattan Long & Swing mascara/black
This mascara was really nice. I liked to use it on daily basis, because I don’t like heavy mascara for every day makeup. It was enough lengthening for me, it gave the look „my lashes but better“, it looked really natural if I can say that for mascara. You can read more about it here.

Balea Sensitive deodorant
I wanted to love this one so much, but I didn’t. I got it because it is alcohol and aluminum free, I though it is going to be good healthy deodorant. It was alright for days that I didn’t need a lot of protection, so days like being at home, going out for 2 – 3 hours. Basically it didn’t give me enough protection, even though it is “48 hours protection”. Unfortunately, this one I won’t buy again.

Dove Derma Spa Summer revived body lotion/Light to medium
I really liked this body lotion. I love the fact that it gave my skin beautiful glow, with a little bit of color. It looked very natural on skin, it is basically that „sun kissed look“ which is really popular all year around. I would buy this again for sure because not only it gives beautiful glow and color, it moisturizes body very well. I will do a review on this product soon, so stay tuned for that.

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This is all from me today. I hope you liked this post. Let me know did you try any of these products before and did you like them. Thank you for reading.


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