Obsession of the moment – Avon SUN+ Magic Tan Review


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to tell you more about product that I fell in love from first use. This product changed my look completely, I went from pale to sun kissed/bronzed woman literally in few hours. If you guys read my blog often then you know that I’m all about sun kissed look, warm makeup tones and bronzed skin. I use bronzer every single day if I’m wearing makeup, so I decided to try something new for my body. I never used self tanner or fake tanner before, because believe it or not we don’t have any in Bosnia. In our drugstores there is not any self tanning products. First experience with self tan I had when I bought Dove Derma Spa lotions that give color. I already did review on those, they are amazing I’ll link it here in case you want to read more about them. But they don’t last for a long time, like first shower and they are off, so I needed something that will last longer. So let me tell you more about this self tan that I really love at the moment!

You get 150 ml of product. It comes in plastic bronze/brown container. It’s super easy to use, because it is a mousse so it’s really easy to blend in the skin. It smells really nice they say that it’s tropical fragrance which I can agree with even though the scent reminds me of caramel. I like the scent, but it can be intense for some people. So they claim that this is self tanning mouse with firming complex. I really don’t know does it do any firming, maybe over time I’ll see some changes. But I really don’t believe in those things, but we’ll see I guess. They say that this tan lasts up to 7 days. I don’t know how long regular self tanners last on skin, please let me know if you use them. My experience with this one is that it lasts about 5 days, after 5th day it starts to fade and the color is not as nice as at beginning. It fades really nicely, there is not any marks or patches that are to visible. It really does look natural because it has that green/olive under tone which gives the most natural look.


This one is so easy to apply, literally it takes no more than 3 – 5 minutes for whole body. It is really easy to control the amount of product you want with pump. This self tan has green/olive under tone which is great. I don’t think that you find that with affordable tanners. Dove Derma Spa body lotion has more of a orange under tone, so it doesn’t look as nice as this one. Because this tanner has green undertone it looks really natural on skin, it’s basically that “sun kissed” look. Don’t be fooled it does give a lot of color. I was amazed when it completely developed. I didn’t put it on my face, because I’m scared that it can break me out, because I have blemish prone skin. The difference between my face and body was huge. My face was super pale, like white and my body was beautifully brown. This one takes about 5 hours to develop, after 3 hours you can see difference but full effect comes after 5 hours. This tan gives beautiful color to the skin, but also it makes skin glow literally. I was looking at my skin wondering how is it possible that it’s so glowy. If you read my blog often you know that I’m all about that glow, so this product is definitely going to be my go to product in body care routine.

Honestly guys this is an amazing product. It will definitely become a part of my tanning routine, it’s such a great product. I’m new to a fake tan life, but this one makes it really easy. Also, I didn’t mention this one doesn’t give any streaks, it looks so natural I can’t believe how good it performs. Of course you have to blend it into skin nicely, but as I said it is really easy to do so. I already did my full in depth tanning routine post on blog, so make sure to check it out. I explained every step I do to get that natural bronzed look.

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That’s everything from me today guys. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know did you try this product before maybe? Also, let me know do you use fake tanners and which are your favorites? Do you have some fake tan that you can recommend to me? Thank you for reading!


20 thoughts on “Obsession of the moment – Avon SUN+ Magic Tan Review

  1. Well mine says dove summer glow medium tone…i love it but sometimes it can be hard like you said it can were off but that’s only because I go to the gym and shower a lot !!! But even then it’s still good xxx

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  2. I think it’s the same product. Yeah I have same problem, it washes off in like first shower and I need two layers to get the color that I want, so it’s a little bit time consuming. But it works great as a fake tan topper though. xx

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  3. This is my first ever fake tanner and I’m obsessed. I don’t think I’ll try new one soon, this one is just perfect. xx


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