Products I’ve used up (Potrošeni proizvodi) – Empties #12


Here we are again with another empties post. I feel like recently I started using more products in my routine, so I actually go through some of them quite quickly. In this post we have some used up makeup products which is insane, I’m sure you know how hard it is to use up an eye shadow, well in this post I have two of them. As I have a lot of products to talk about, let’s get on with it!


Essence PURE NUDE foundation
This is probably my favorite foundation ever, it’s everything I need in foundation and more. To my sadness it is discontinued, so I can’t buy it again. (Rate – 5/5)

Astor Couture eye shadow – Cappuccino
Super easy shimmery nude shade to pop on lid for simple brightening eye makeup. I would buy it again. (Rate – 4/5)

Essence Me & My Icecream eye shadow – Icylicious
I would buy this one again, but it was limited edition, so it’s impossible. I used this one as a highlighter and loved it. (Rate – 5/5)



Avon Conditioning eye makeup removing lotion
I used this one as a cream cleanser all over the face and it removed makeup really easily without drying skin. I would probably buy it again. (Rate – 3.5/5)

Becutan cleansing foam for kids
I use this one to remove makeup and it is amazing. I would totally buy it again. (Rate – 5/5)

Le Petit Marsailiais shower gel
I really like the scent of this one, so I would buy it again. Formulation vise it is just regular shower gel, nothing special. (Rate – 3/5)

Avon Naturals hydrating face spray
This one is really good, I like it. It’s really nice as makeup setting spray, it definitely gives hydration and I would totally buy it again. (Rate – 4/5)

Avon Naturals Purifying tea tree and cucumber face cream
This was really light basic face cream that did job. It is good under the makeup because it is not heavy or oily on skin. I might buy it again. (Rate – 3/5)

Dove rich nourishment face cream

This is great night time moisturizer that is super affordable but really moisturizing. I would buy it again. (Rate – 3.5/5)

Neutrogena Visibly clear 2in1 face wash and mask
I would buy this one again just so I can use it as a face mask. This is great drugstore affordable mask for deep cleanse of skin. (Rate 4/5)

Himalaya Neem & Tumeric protecting soap
This one is really bad, I don’t like to use it even for washing brushes because it is so drying. Would not buy it again. (Rate – 1/5)

Avon Clearskin blemish clearing over night treatment
I did review on this one, it is really good product. I’ll link review here. (Rate – 4/5)

Avon Planet Spa Heavenly Hydration hair mask
This is really good hair mask, super moisturizing. I would buy it again. (Rate – 4/5)


Avon Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining eye gel mask
I did review on this line from Planet Spa, you can read it here. This is my holy grail under eye cream. (Rate – 5/5)

Tesori d’Oriente White mush deodorant
I love the scent of this one and I would buy it again. It protects really well during day and it always leaves you feeling fresh. (Rate – 4.5/5)

DM Princess lip balm
I got this one because it smells really good, but this does nothing for lips. It actually dried out my lips so badly that I totally hate it. (Rate – 0/5)


Syoss Color Seal conditioner
This is amazing, would totally buy full size product but I can’t find it anywhere. (Rate – 5/5)

COBIGELOW conditioner
My brother brought this one from America as a sample. It was fine as a hand cream, but I don’t think it’s anything amazing. (Rate – 2/5)

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That’s everything for this empties post. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know did you try any of these products maybe? What is your recent empty product? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


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