This time next year TAG – Year later, how I did?


I almost forgot about this tag that I did last year (here). But thankfully many bloggers did it around same time, so I saw their posts on my reader and realized that I should do a follow up. I don’t really like to set myself goals, even though they are really good to motivate yourself and push to work harder. Without talking too much let’s see how I did?

This time next year TAG

So these were my goals

1. Get fit
I think I will never be fit person, I just love food far too much. I go through phases in my life when I’m super motivated to eat healthy and work out every day. Then I have my phase when I eat literally everything, especially cakes and all sweets. So I didn’t really got fit, I’m still the same weight as last year though. I do actually have some excess on my tummy and hips, same like last year I just think that’s my body shape. So yeah I didn’t really achieve this goal, but I can’t say I’m mad at it.

2. Finish my University
I’m mad about this one. I didn’t pass all of my exams from 3rd year of Chemical engineering (Biochemistry) so I’m not in my last year of University still. I hope I’ll pass this year, so I can start my 4th (final) year in October. I’m still not a fan of my University, let’s just say I expected something totally different and I’m not personally that into chemistry, but it will give me really well paid job and it gives me security which is something I wanted my whole life.


3. Still work on my blog and enjoy it
This one is definitely done right. I was on track with my schedule whole year and my motivation was on point whole year. I still get stages when I’m not motivated and I don’t want to blog, but I always use my super motivated stages to prepare few posts and schedule them so content on blog is always new and fresh.

4. Go on really nice holiday with my friends
I actually had this past summer and enjoyed it so freaking much. It was awesome and we had such a great time. You know sea side in summer is always so beautiful and you definitely need it to get your energy back. I hope I’ll have similar holiday this summer also, because that one was amazing.


5. Just be happy with myself
Even though I’m still a control freak and I pressure my self far too much, I made a little progress. I feel like I’m better at forgiving myself now and giving myself a break when I really need it. I think I made progress which makes me really happy. I’m definitely happy with myself most of time which was quite hard to achieve past few years. As I’m not too bothered with tasks that I didn’t achieve shows what kind of progress made this year.

This time next year TAG

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That’s everything from me today. Feel free to do this tag, I think it’s very interesting to do. If you decide to do it make sure to tag me or let me know that you did it so I can check it out. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. xx

28 thoughts on “This time next year TAG – Year later, how I did?

  1. Aw you can do it, Azra! Studying chemistry was SUPER hard for me and I don’t really get good grades, how about if I chose to be a chemical engineer? — Keep striving, girl!! You can finish uni soon! ❤

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  2. Thank you. Honestly I would recommend it only if you really like chemistry. Because University chemistry is not even close to high school one or college, it’s whole new level. Plus if you take chemical engineering, you are taking chemistry, math, computer science and all other natural sciences combined together in whole big mess. I hope I didn’t scare you, but I just have to be honest, it’s really intense and hard. xx

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  3. Ah noo! I really have no plans to take up chemistry because I know it will be hard- my brain won’t be able to take it especially I hate maths 😂😂 I’m more on multimedia arts or mass communication though 😅❤

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  4. keep at it with university, it’ll be worth it in the end! so glad to hear you’re still blogging & enjoying it 🙂 amazing to hear you’re getting better at forgiving yourself. this is such a good way to check in with yourself about your goals, love this!

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  5. You set good goals for you espcially staying fit & staying happy be ing yourself. Best of luck for your goals👍 Hats off tou you for being a student of chemistry and a blogger at the same time which is not at all an easy job.

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