Essence Make Me Brow eye brow gel mascara Review – Essence maskara za obrve Recenzija


Hello everyone! You guys wanted me to make review about this Essence product. I used up one Make me brow gel before, this one is brand new. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t like this one when I first tried it. That always happens with me and hyped up products. This one is popular as a Benefit “Gimme” Brow dupe, a lot of people compared these two. Also, I never heard anyone that didn’t like this one, so I had high expectations. Whenever I have big expectations I usually end up disappointed, this time it didn’t happen, but still I don’t find this product to be absolutely life changing like most people said it is.

Pozdrav svima! Dosta ljudi me pitalo da uradim recenziju o ovom vrlo poznatom Essence proizvodu tako da je danas došao red i na to. Ovaj proizvod je postao poznat kao zamjena mnogo skupljem Benefit gelu za obrve. Ovaj proizvod je vrlo popular u blog svijetu i većina ljudi ga voli, pa ću sa vama podijeliti moje mišljenje. Da li je ovaj proizvod dobar?

So packing is really simple and easy to carry with you. I usually have this one in my bag, just so I can touch up my brows during day. I really like the packing, I think it looks really nice. You get 3.8 ml of product or 0.12 fl. oz. My eye brow gel is in shade “Browny Brows”. They have 3 shades available, so I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself.

Prvo pakovanje je vrlo jednostavno. Lako je za nositi i u najmanjoj torbi kako bi mogli popraviti obrve tokom dana. Ukupna količina proizvoda je 3.8 ml. Postoje ukupno 3 nijanse, tako da možete naći nešto za sebe sigurno.


So I do think that this is really nice product. I like to use it on my natural brows for that effortless messy brow look. As I have naturally pretty thick eye brows I don’t need to use pencil every day. I can easily just use this product and my brows look done. The shade is really nice, it’s cool toned brown which suits me perfectly. Usually affordable eye brow products can be really warm toned, but this one is great shade vise. So in this product you have fibers that are supposed to make your brows bushy looking. I personally don’t think it would give you bushy brows in you have thin eye brows. I find that fibers don’t really translate to the brows that good. They stay in brows pretty nicely, but if you have little brow hair I really don’t see it would be possible. It does make brows darker and spoolie is really nice to use, because it is really small so it’s easy to coat through brows.

Ovaj proizvod je vrlo fin, ja ga volim koristiti bez olovke za obrve za taj prirodni izgled obrva. Ja imam poprilično debele obrve tako da mi olovka nije potrebna za svaki dan. Ova nijansa gela je izuzetno dobra, hladnija je nijansa smeđe što znači da vam obrve neće izgledati naranđasto. U ovom gelu sa bojom se nalaze male niti koje bi trebale vaše obrve učiniti debljim. Ako imate tanke obrve ne mislim da će ovaj proizvod napraviti ogromnu razliku, jer se niti ne zadržaju dobro na obrvama. Ako imate deblje obrve onda ovaj proizvod može napraviti popriličnu razliku. Ovaj proizvod će dati boju obrvama tako da trebate izabrati odgovarajuću nijansu.


One thing that disappointed me is that this doesn’t stop my eye brows from getting messy during day. Bare in mind that I have really long eye brow hair, so I need gel to be “strong” in sense that it makes them stay in place for long time. All of girls have been saying that this one makes brows perfect looking all day, for me that isn’t the case. It’s easy to touch up during day, so it’s not a big deal. Also this one doesn’t get weird looking if you touch it up which is amazing.

Jedna stvar koja me je razočarala kod ovog proizvoda je što ne traje čitav dan. Većina gelova za obrve ih učvrsti i drži na mjestu čitav dan, ali ovaj proizvod to ne radi. Zato je potrebno „popravljati“ obrve tokom dana, ali kao što sam rekla proizvod je vrlo kompaktan pa to i nije neki problem.

Over all this one is great affordable eye brow gel. If you didn’t try Benefit one, try this one they are supposed to be really similar. I didn’t try Benefit one and I won’t because it is really expensive for what it is. I recommend this one, because it is really good for price. Did you try this one before? Let me know what you think about it? What is your ultimate favorite Essence product? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. xx

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Konačno ovo je vrlo dobar proizvod. Ako niste probali Benefit gel za obrve, onda probajte ovaj jer većina misli da su apsolutno isti proizvodi. Jeste li koristile ovaj proizvod prije? Recite mi šta mislite o ovomproizvodu? Koji vam je omiljeni proizvod od Essenca? Hvala na čitanju. Želim vam lijep dan! xx

35 thoughts on “Essence Make Me Brow eye brow gel mascara Review – Essence maskara za obrve Recenzija

  1. I haven’t tried any brow gel. I’ve just gotten into trying to do something with my eyebrows which is colouring them in 😂 I’ll keep this brow gel in mind if i ever feel like exploring more 😄

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  2. I have never tried a brow gel. I recently wanted to buy a brow duo shaper from Maybelline. (Have you tried it? ) and i am not a make up person, but i think its time to have my make up kit! haha And I must say, your flatlays are amazing! I know I have said this a lot of times but its just so great that i can say it a zillion times more! :*
    Lots of Love

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve actually been looking for an eyebrow gel recently because my eyebrows are quite thick and can get messy throughout the day, and this looks like a great option for the price! It’s a shame that it doesn’t stay for long without touchups:( Thank you for your review! xox

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  4. I haven’t tried this brow gel in particular but I’ve tried the Maybeline finer filler for thin brow and I love it! My brows stay intact all day and it makes my brows look naturally full. Would definitely recommend it if you want something that holds your brows in place (you should get the one for thick brows x)

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  5. I think this one is perfect for thick eyebrows, because it gives a bit of color and hold. I do have to re apply it once a day because it doesn’t hold them all day in place. But looking at the price and cool toned color of it I think it is amazing. xx

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  6. I’m not a fan of Maybelline as a brand in general, I used to buy from them a lot but was never happy with products. Here they are pretty expensive, so it’s not worth for me to buy their products. This one however is really affordable, it’s about 3-4$ and it lasts for couple of months, so completely worth the money. Thank you lovely, I appreciate it. xx

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  7. I never saw that one at Maybelline counter here, we have really poor selection of Maybelline products here and I actually never buy from them. I’ll search for it when I go shopping next time. xx

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  8. I think it is really amazing for price. As I said my brow hair are really long so I don’t expect it to hold for all day, but it would be great that it does. I think you should give it a go, because it is really affordable and I think you’ll like it. xx


  9. I haven’t try an eyebrow gel before so this seems reasonable to me. And I think I won’t have the same problem as you did because I don’t have very thick eyebrows. So, theoretically this should stay all day on my eyebrows lol.

    Thanks for reviewing this! 😍😘😍😘😍

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