Essence Mosaic Blush – Kissed by the Sun Review


Hello everyone! Today I have review on Essence blush for all of you. I wanted to try this blush for the longest time. I didn’t want to buy it because I have so many blushes already, but this color made me buy it. Isn’t it so pretty? I feel like it is really hard to find this color of blush in drugstore. They are usually all pink and to be honest pink doesn’t go with all makeup looks. So I bought this one to use on daily basis, because this color really goes with every single makeup look. So, let me tell you more about this blush!

Packing is the same as with every single Essence product. It is transparent plastic which is pretty durable, I dropped this few times already and it still not broken, so that’s good. You get 4.5 g of product or 0.15 oz. There is about 6 shades available, but I only got one. This is in number 30 – Kissed by the Sun.


So as you can see this blush is really pretty. It has combination of different, warm toned shades that give really nice peachy color on cheeks. It is not too pigmented, so that it’s hard to work with it. It is just enough pigmented, that gives soft color to the cheeks. It does look shimmery on cheeks, but it’s not overwhelming and intense. It is really subtle shimmer, so your cheeks glow. It is that type of “healthy” sun kissed look, which I’m really into at the moment. I think this is perfect spring/summer blush shade and as a name suggest it gives that natural sun kissed look, which is actually pretty popular at the moment. Everyone is about that natural beauty these days, I feel like this is perfect blush to achieve that look. I really like it, it is really easy to blend and it never looks patchy or weird. Also, it is really hard to go over the top with this blush as it can happen with some pink blushes. That is amazing, especially for girls that are just starting with makeup. As I already said I really like this blush and would definitely recommend it to everyone. It is really universal shade that goes really good with every makeup look, so it is perfect every day blush. Also, you don’t really find this type of blush in drugstores often, I would say that this shade is really unique.


I featured this blush in my Spring Essentials post, you can check it out here. Also, if you want to see how it looks on skin, check out my Spring makeup look here.

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Finally, I do recommend this product. It is really affordable, so you can’t really go wrong with it. If you are not the fan of this type of colors, there is more to choose from. That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know did you try this blush before, what do you think about it? What is your ultimate favorite Essence product? Thank you for reading.


28 thoughts on “Essence Mosaic Blush – Kissed by the Sun Review

  1. Great review, Azra! I always love it when you review products from Essence. The brand really has a lot of interesting makeup products. This blush is just so lovely and the design is totally eye-catching too. 💕

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  2. That’s so pretty! Honestly I’d pick it up cause of how beautiful it is alone haha. I really should try out more Essence products, I rarely do. Loved reading this review xx

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  3. Thank you. I’m glad you love them. I love Essence products and I feel like more girls should know about them, that’s why I review a lot of products from them. xx


  4. I hope you’ll try more of them, because they have some amazing products. I also bought this one just because it is so pretty. xx


  5. It’s beautiful, especially when you combine it with bronzed skin. It gives that perfect “kissed by the sun” effect. xx


  6. It’s so hard to find a nice peachy shade for a good price. Hopefully brands will start doing different shades for all skin tones. xx


  7. I use that one also, if my wearing eye liner, it’s amazing product. I used to wear liquid eyeliner every single day, but now I only wear it for nights out. xx

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