Q&A time – You asked me some questions!


This is going to be a short and quick post because I don’t have many questions to answer actually. This is probably going to be shortest Q&A I ever done, because I used to get so many questions, but this time I get few of them. I think I should pick better time, not when everyone is busy with life, December is always super busy month. Thanks to anyone that sent me questions, I appreciate it. I collected these questions on my blog and Instagram, so let’s start.

Caz from “Invisibly Me” asked

– Do you have any gifts on your wish list this year?
I actually don’t. I don’t usually ask for gifts, I used to do it when I was younger but now I leave it to people to decide what to get me.

– Will you be doing New Year’s resolutions?
I think I’ll be. It is definitely good to sit down on last day of year with cup of tea or coffee and actually think what you want to achieve in next year. I used to make super long lists, but I think that this time I’ll make small list of things. I want to give myself some goals, but not go crazy with resolutions.

– Did you like school when you were growing up?
I liked high school actually. Even though it was stressful I still think that those are the best years of your life. It’s the time when you are so relaxed, you don’t have problems, you really don’t have to worry about anything but your grades. However I didn’t like primary school, I think me as a kid didn’t like studying I wanted to play, not study.

– What’s your favorite cartoon character?
I like cartoons but I’m not sure I have favorite character. When I was kid I liked Tommy and Jerry a lot, they were my favorite cartoon characters. Now I think I’ll pick Ice Age movie and as my favorite character Sid a sloth from the movie, love him!

– If you had to change your name to anything you like, what would you choose?
I actually never thought about it. I really like my name, it’s short, has really nice meaning. But if I had to change it, I think I’ll pick Carrie. I always liked that name, I don’t know why, it’s just so nice.


Gluecksgeist” asked:

– What is the worst makeup related item you ever bought?
I always believe that every makeup product has potential and you can make it work, but Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara was just horrible. I couldn’t make it work, it just gave me horrible thick and clumpy lashes. Also Golden Rose liquid lipsticks were terrible, it took me so long to find them because they were so hyped up. It wasn’t worth time or money, they are so drying and uncomfortable that I threw them away after few uses.

– Which is the most surprising makeup item you ever bought?
It was Essence Pure Nude foundation which is by far the best foundation I ever used. It was so affordable, but formula was spot on amazing. I’m so sad that they don’t sell it anymore, because I would use that foundation all the time, it was so good.

Don’t give a jam” asked

– If you could only wear one makeup item for the rest of your life which would you choose?
Hmm, this is a tough one. If I could only wear one I would go for Catrice Sun Glow mineral bronzing powder (review), which is shimmery bronzer that makes you look glowy, bronzed and healthy. It looks beautiful on skin, it is easy to apply and you can use it as eye shadow also.


xo, Ana Rita” asked:

– What is the best and the worst thing about having your birthday on Christmas day?
I like the fact that my B day date is the least common B day date apart from February 29, which happens every 4 years. But still it makes me feel a bit special. Also I like that my B day is in festive period, because everything looks pretty, loads of fairy lights and it is the most beautiful period of year. I think I would hate the fact that my B day is on Christmas day if I were celebrating Christmas, because having two special dates in one day is kinda sad. But because I don’t celebrate Christmas, I still get to have my special day.

– What are your Ultimate goals for 2019 – blogging wise and in general life?
I want to keep blogging in 2019 and hopefully get to work with some great brands and elevate my blogging game a little bit. I’m quite happy with how my blog is doing definitely, but I would like to grow it even more and hopefully get to grow my Instagram and FB page. In general life I hope I’ll get back to working out on daily basis, do well at Uni and my job and honestly just be happy in my life.

– What are your favorite festive posts to read or write?
I didn’t write any festive posts so far, I don’t think I would be good at that. But I like reading what other people got for Christmas, also ideas on how to wrap gifts are always so fun to see and read more about what people like to receive or buy for others for Christmas.


Little Mayfly blog” asked:

– Any adventures planned for New Year?
No, I haven’t planned anything so far actually. I’m really bad planner so I usually leave everything for last minute, it’s very bad, but I always do it. I might be with my best friend watching movies or just at home sleeping, I’m down for everything really. I never understood the fuss about New Years Eve, it’s the same as every night for me basically.

– What camera do you use?
I have Canon EOS 1200D camera that I use for my blog photos and also for my Instagram. If you are looking for new camera this one is so great, it’s easy to use but the quality of photos is so great.

– Your best blogging tips?
I would say make sure to take advantage of days when you feel super inspired to blog. Make new content, try to take photos and edit them. I like to take advantage of those moments of inspiration to write down blog post ideas so I don’t forget them and I can do those blog posts when I have free time. I’ll link some of my blogging series posts, where I shared how I take photos, tips and tricks how to make good content, so check it out if you are interested.

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Amelia in Hull” asked:

– What are your top makeup tips?
I would recommend to anyone to use some sort of facial toner or makeup setting spray at the end of your makeup routine to hydrate skin and take off powdery effect if there is any. Also don’t be afraid to use bronzer, because bronzer is the only makeup product that completely changes the way you look, it just makes you feel rested, alive and healthy. I will link some of my makeup tips blog post under, if some of you need some help.

Makeup basics – Makeup starter kit!
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– What is your all time favorite item of makeup?
I love bronzers and highlighters, those are my favorite makeup products ever. If I need to pick between those, I would say bronzers, because they just makeup you look so much better. My favorite one is Catrice Sun Lover Glow bronzing powder (review).

Nastasija1983” (Instagram) asked:

– Which skin care product you can’t live without?
I don’t really have specific product, but I would say good face serum. I think that serum makes huge difference to the way skin looks. I tried few of them already and I always see a difference in my skin whenever I use serum. I would recommend Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum (review) and Afrodita Ma3 Genix (here).


Siyanna96” (Instagram) asked:

– What is your favorite eye shadow palette?
I don’t actually have a lot of eye shadows palettes, because I don’t really do crazy looks on my eyes. I keep it very simple and casual and mostly wear the same eye shadows all the time. But I could say that my favorite eye shadow palette is Essence WANTED Sunset Dreamers (here) eye shadow palette that is basically a perfect dupe to Urban Decay NAKED Heat eye shadow palette.

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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this Q&A post. Let me know how are you doing this festive season? I would also appreciate any blog post ideas if you have any or you want to read something on my blog, definitely let me know in comments section. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

22 thoughts on “Q&A time – You asked me some questions!

  1. Loved this post, some great answers! It was nice learning more about you! It is so weird seeing ‘Ana’s Lil’ Blog’ since I changed my blog name, aww! Thanks for answering my questions (: xx

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  2. It should work if you click on my name, I think you are already following as I just changed the name of it rather than made a new one! It’s (: thanks a lot and you’re more than welcome! xx

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  3. Ooooo I love Q&As! Thanks for answering my questions, it’s fascinating to read your answers. The sloth from Ice Age is an interesting one to pick, I think we can learn a lot from those guys in general (slow down the pace, appreciate the small things, chill out!) Carrie is a nice name, though I always think of the film/book with that one. Wishing you a very happy (though now belated) Birthday/Christmas!! Here’s to a full, bright & fab 2019! 🙂
    Caz xxxx

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