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Spring Essentials/Makeup edition


I did one post like this for spring last year. I felt inspired to do it again, because I love makeup in spring time. In my opinion makeup in spring time should be glowy and really highlighted, because it looks beautiful in sunny weather. Most of these products are going to be a “GLOW enhance” products, so if you are a fan of that look keep reading. Also I did collaboration with another blogger about skin care essentials for spring, I’ll link blog post here. So, let me tell you my must have makeup products for spring time.

ARTDECO  Golden Bronze Oil Drops
This is probably going to be my favorite product to prepare my skin for foundation. I have been using this oil since I got it and I’m obsessed with it. It is so nourishing and protecting, yet it gives that sun kissed bronzed look. Also, this product is going to be a must have for summer for sure. I usually mix some of this oil with my moisturizer before I apply makeup. It leaves skin glowy, soft and bronzed to the max. I’m obsessed with it and I’m really happy I got it.

Loreal Lumi Magique light infusing foundation
This is one of my all time favorite foundations. I really like that it’s a light coverage foundation that looks really natural on skin and gives a lot of healthy glow. As I said in this post there is going to be a lot of glow enhancing products, so this foundation is obvious choice. I would recommend this one for everyone who loves a glowy finish and light coverage foundations. Good thing about this one is that is not visible on skin, it’s really light and it looks like you don’t have anything on your skin.

Avon Illuminating face pearls – Pink bronze
I love this product so much. It is really glowy product again, but I think that everyone loves a bit of glow, right? This is supposed to be a blush, but it’s not enough pigmented for that. So I use these pearls as a final step in my makeup routine. I usually apply them all over my face with a big fluffy brush. They add beautiful healthy glow to the skin, but you can’t tell you are wearing any product, it’s truly beautiful finish. I just love these, I would definitely recommend them. I featured them in my February favorites where I explained how many compliments I got on overall look of my skin. These have pretty big part in that story, so check out my favorites post.


Catrice SUN Glow mat bronzing powder – Medium bronze
This is probably the only mat product is this post. Even though it is mat, this is one of my favorite bronzers. I do actually prefer mat bronzers, because in my opinion, they look a lot better on skin. I love this one because it is super pigmented and easy to blend. Also, the color is beautiful intense bronze color that I usually prefer to have. I would totally recommend you to try this one, if you are a fan of bronzed look. It was featured in my December favorites so if you want to see more photos click here.

Essence Mosaic Blush – Kissed by the Sun
The name of this product really suggest it has to be in this post. This is super pretty, warm tone, glowy blush. I have been wearing it a lot past couple of weeks and I love how glowy it is. Also, it’s super pretty color to go with Catrice bronzer I mentioned. If you like that “sun kissed” makeup look, then this product is really a must have for you. I sometimes even wear it without bronzer, because it is already bronzy color blush, so it works amazingly on its own.

Essence Soo Glow cream to powder highlighter – Bright up your life
This was included in my previous spring essentials post, but I had to include it again. I love cream highlighters in spring/summer time, because they look so much better than powders. They also add to the whole “dewy” look that I love during spring time. Also, this highlighter is amazing for the price, so why change something that is amazing. I sometimes wear this one as a cream eye shadow, because cream eye shadow really adds up to the whole dewy makeup look. It is also amazing as a base for powder highlighter, if you are a fan of blinding bold highlighter on cheeks.


Essence Shine & Color lipsticks
I’m obsessed with these lipsticks. That’s why I have three shades of them. These are really moisturizing, easy to apply lipsticks. They feel like a lip balm, but they have color to them. Of course color pay off isn’t amazing full coverage, but for me that’s not a big deal. In spring/summer time I’m all about that simple, natural makeup look, where I really put an effort how my skin looks, it’s not important what kind of lipstick I wear. I would recommend these if you have dry lips all the time and you need something simple, easy and moisturizing. Also I love soft colors on lips, because it makes you look young and naturally beautiful.


That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know do you agree with my selection of products that are a must have for spring? Do you have any must have products, that you can’t imagine being without this spring? Share them in comments. Thanks for reading!


39 thoughts on “Spring Essentials/Makeup edition

  1. The Catrice SUN Glow mat bronzing powder looks great – I prefer a matte bronzer over shimmery ones. I figure I can always add shimmer if I want, later.
    The Avon pearls are like the Guerlain Meteorites – but I’m sure much more affordable!

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  2. I’m using Avon face pearls all over my skin to give that glowy effect, it’s like Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder. They have pretty similar effect on skin. Catrice bronzer is really amazing, very good quality. xx


  3. Thank you. I never tried anything from that brand actually, so I can’t unfortunately help you with your decision. I just google them and it looks that they have pretty good reviews. xx

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  4. i love your photos in this post! your so creative, i never thought of creating your own essential makeup.. i agree that the best products are the most spring essential.

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