January ’19 Favorites


It’s time for new monthly favorites. I like sharing what I’ve been enjoying every single month, it feels like you are chatting about great beauty products with your friends which is not what I usually do in my daily life. This month weirdly I’ve been really into bronzy shades when it comes to makeup, I suppose I miss summer and my summer tan a lot, so I’m using makeup to fake that I actually have some color on my skin. First I’ll chat about makeup and then we’ll move to skin care stuff.

Artdeco Bronzing Powder compact – REVIEW
I already did full review on this bronzer, if you want to read more about it check out the review here. I really like this bronzer for winter time, because it’s not overly intense if that makes sense, it gives natural bronzed look which in winter time is really hard to achieve. Also the formula of this bronzer is so nice and easy to blend, it looks beautiful on skin and gives natural bronzed glow.

Essence WANTED: Sunset Dreamers marble highlighter – REVIEW
When I said that I’m into bronzy shades I definitely meant it. This Highlighter has bronzy under tone which I would usually use in summer time, but I’m trying to look naturally bronzed and tanned so this highlighter is literal perfection. I already reviewed this product on my blog, check out the review here. Unfortunately this highlighter was part of limited edition, but Essence has similar highlighters to this one in their current collection so definitely check it out.

Essence WANTED: Sunset Dreamers eye shadow palette – REVIEW
I also reviewed this palette already on the blog, check out the review here. This is probably the best palette I’ve ever tried from Essence. Quality is actually impressive, it blends super easy and pigmentation is so on point. Also the shades in this palette are so pretty, they are definitely dupe for Urban Decay NAKED Heat palette, they are super similar. I’m so glad I manage to buy this palette when it was available, because sadly it was limited edition.


Catrice GLAM & DOLL False lashes mascara
This mascara is so easy. I hate applying mascara because I usually smudge it on my lids because I suck at applying mascara. This one has really small brush so it is super easy to apply and I don’t need to go over lashes many times to achieve voluminized lashes. Also the formula of this mascara is on thicker side which is my preference when it comes to mascara. If you need new mascara, try this one I think it’s great one for everyday use.

Afrodita YOUNG & PURE Make it matt face cream – REVIEW
I already reviewed this face cream, check out the review here. I already used one of these and this one is actually almost empty. I really enjoy the texture of this cream and what it does to my skin. It is moisturizing while keeping skin mat which is so hard to find in face creams. I would actually see this cream working for oily or dry skin, it’s so good.

Septona Daily Clean Cleansing milk and toner
This is such an amazing product, I love it so much. I’m usually not the one to use 2in1 products, but this one impressed me so much. I like to use this one for taking of makeup or in morning to clean my skin from night before. It is so nourishing and softening on skin, it’s formulated with hyaluronic acid and panthenol which both nourish and calm skin. Also I like to use this one as a quick moisturizing mask, I would just apply this on my face and neck, leave it on for 10 minutes or so and take of residue with cotton pad and it will beautifully moisturize my skin. If you can try this product, definitely do so, I really enjoy it.


Afrodita MA3 GENIX rejuvenating concentrate rich oil complex
I will be posting full review about this serum soon hopefully. It is such a great product, I’m so impressed with this one. It was pretty expensive which I wasn’t sure should I spend that much on single product, but it was so worth it. This is great serum to smooth the skin and add so much hydration. I love how this one makes my skin look, it’s honestly like magic for skin. I will be talking about effect of this serum in my review so keep an eye for that one.

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That’s all from me for today. I hope you enjoyed this favorites post. Let me know did you try some of these products? What are your favorites from January? Do you have some products to recommend to me maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx


8 thoughts on “January ’19 Favorites

  1. Good to know. Marking the Septona for my next cleansing beauty purchase. I was experiencing extremely dry skin from the winter vortex, so I gave iYura Kesaradi Oil and Manjish Glow Elixir a try, and my skin is so much better. I just posted a full review. xx

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  2. Yes, love the Septona cleansing milk, such an awesome product. I have been using oil in my routine also lately, as it is so cold here and it definitely helps so much with my skin. Will definitely check out the review. xx

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  3. Lovely post!! That essence palette looks so nice and it does look a lot like the Naked Heat palette, I already have that one but I actually am very curious to try the essence palette and compare it to the naked heat!!

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