March ’17 Favorites


Hello everyone. It’s already time for new monthly favorites and I’m super excited to share with you all the amazing things I have been loving this month. I don’t know why but these are some of my favorite posts to read and write. I just find them super interesting and you can always find amazing products to try for yourself. Let me tell you more about products I have been loving in March.

Solutions Truly Radiant skin perfector spf 20
This was my favorite face moisturizer of the month. It’s just perfect for those minimal makeup kind of days, that are actually my usual makeup days. I don’t like to complicate with my makeup for everyday, but I do like to make my skin look as good as possible. This is just a very simple moisturizer, that makes skin glowy, soft and nourished. Also this one adds a little bit of color, so it gives skin that boost of radiance and healthy glow. It’s really good product for under makeup because it really gives a nice base. I like to combine it with my ARTDECO Golden Bronze Oil drops, it is just a perfect combination for super glowing skin. I featured in one of my recent posts, check more about it here.

ARTDECO Golden Bronze Oil Drops
This is like a makeup and skin care product. I really like to use this every single day. It just changes my makeup completely. It gives a little bit of color, shine and shimmer. Over all it is such a good product and I’m glad I bought it. I did review on this one, you can read it here. It’s definitely product worth checking out.

Avon Blush brush
So Avon came up with new brush collection and let me tell you they look amazing. First of this blush brush is super soft, I love the shape and over all look of it. They look really expensive and great quality actually. I use this brush for applying powder under the eyes and sometimes I use it for contouring. Because it is super soft and fluffy it applies powder really naturally, so you get that contoured look, but really natural and it looks like you have amazing cheek bones. I might get more of these brushes, because they really look stunning. But I have so many brushes, I really don’t need more of them for my collection.


Planet Spa Sleep Serenity with chamomile and lavender Pillow mist
I know how random is it, pillow mist, in favorites? But, I have been really enjoying this product. It is so nice to have in your stash. I like to use it after a long day to just help me relax a lot more and just refill my energy. Also, it is really nice to use as a body spray. They actually say you can use this as a pillow mist, body spray and hair freshener, which is really good in my opinion. It is really calming scent, very soft and simple. I have been also wearing it on days that I’m super chilled and casual. It’s amazing for comforting yet calming scent on clothing, it smells really good.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear pink grapefruit daily scrub
I think this is a product that everyone tried at least once. I have been using this one last year a lot, but I finished one tube and didn’t buy it, I don’t really know why. I used other cleansers and one day I was like, where is my Neutrogena scrub, I need it. So I bought another bottle, this is my 4th one, yeap I really like this product. It is just the best cleanser from drugstore, I love it for day and night skin care. It cleanses, refreshes and really helps with over all look of the skin. I can totally recommend it, if you have sensitive skin but want to try some kind of scrub, this one is really good.

Zara leather sock boots
These have been featured in my Clothing haul, I will link it here, in case you want to check it out. I have been wearing these boots so much, they look stunning. They go with my style perfectly and are super comfortable. I really like overall design of them, they look really stylish and fashionable in my opinion. They are so comfortable that I wear them for all day straight, running around, doing my stuff and I don’t really feel them on my feet. Amazing buy, I’m super happy I got them.

Penelope and Monica Cruz Princess Mini bag – Cinzia Cruz Collection
A lot of people will say that this is useless bag. I mean it is super small and tiny. But, I feel like it is stylish and these mini bags are really popular at the moment. I’m usually person that doesn’t like to carry a lot of stuff so this one is perfect as a cross body bag for my everyday life. It can easily elevate super simple outfit, because as I said it is really stylish. It was in my latest Clothing haul post, check it out here to see more photos. I’m all about chic bags that can easily elevate super simple outfit and this one is really perfect for that.


Working out
I’m finally back on the track with working out. I got super lazy at the end of last year and stopped working out completely. But, I’m back with it and I’m loving it. I work out in my home, because I really don‘t like gyms, I had some weird experiences. If you want my working out routine, what I do and how I get ready to work out, let me know and I can do a blog post about it. Also, would you like to see my working out play list? It’s going to be full of The Weeknd, but hey you know I put some other singers in mix as well.

Music favorites
The Weeknd of course, he’s just my fave. So the songs from The Weeknd that I listen to during March are: Secrets, Nothing Without you (Acoustic), Initiation, Rescue you and What you need.
For working out I have been loving Ed Sheeran – Shape of you, Beyonce ft Jay Z and Dj Khaled – Shining, NAV ft The Weeknd – Some way and NAV – Myself.

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That’s everything from me today. I hope you liked some of these and will add to your wish list maybe. Let me know which products you have been loving, I would love to know. Also, did you try some of these products before? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading.

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  1. I tried their previous brushes, they weren’t anything special. But these new brushes are so amazing, very high quality and they look stunning. xx


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