Avon Naturals Shimmering Warm Spice Vanilla Swirl Body lotion Review


Hello everyone! Today I have new review on product from Avon Naturals line. I think that you all know how much I love this line from Avon. Products are amazing quality and so affordable. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of money to spend on beauty products, so that’s when I usually order some stuff from this Avon line. I wanted to try this lotion for the longest time, because it looks really interesting. Also, the smell, I mean I needed it in my life. So, let’s start with this review!

This product comes in very simple plastic tube. You get 150 ml of product. I like the colors on packing, also it is so easy and quick to use. This lotion is perfect for traveling because not only it is moisturizing lotion for skin, it gives beautiful glow and a little bit of bronzed look to the skin. Let me explain that “bronzed look”. This is basically two toned lotion that has darker and lighter side. Darker side is that bronzy color with a lot of gold shimmer running through it. Then you have nude side that doesn’t have any shimmer.


So let me first say that I really like this product. I had high hopes for it and it didn’t disappoint me. It’s perfect lotion for summer holiday, even though it has super warm scent. To be honest I’m fan of these type of scents all year around, so it’s not that big of deal for me. This lotion is really light on skin, it is really easy to apply. It almost melts on skin heat, so it is really easy to blend it into skin. It feels really light and it’s like you didn’t apply anything. It leaves a lot of gold shimmer on skin, which does look like shimmer when you look at it. But, if light catches you, your skin is so glowy and perfect. I really like the effect it gives, it’s that flawless skin effect. Even though this product is really light on skin, it is still really moisturizing and softening. It leaves skin protected, smooth, soft and definitely glowy.

Let’s talk about scent. It is totally my kind of scent. I really like these warm, spicy type of scents all year around, it’s just my favorite. Also, vanilla is one of my all time favorite comforting scents. This lotion smells so delicious, that they actually wrote on packing that this product is not eatable. So, yeah you can imagine how good it smells. This lotion is enriched with vitamin C and E, which is really good. Also, it contains shea butter which makes it so moisturizing. Finally, I can totally recommend this lotion. It is super affordable, but in my opinion great quality product.


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That’s everything from me today. I hope you enjoyed this review. I hope it was helpful. Did you try this lotion before? Do you buy stuff from Avon Naturals line? Would you love to try this product, or is it a pass for you? Let me know in comments. Thank you for reading!

27 thoughts on “Avon Naturals Shimmering Warm Spice Vanilla Swirl Body lotion Review

  1. Omg that scent sounds right up my street. I love anything with “warm spice” and I’ve always been obsessed with vanilla scents haha. Sounds so so lovely! Loved reading this x

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  2. I love everything about this body lotion. The packaging, the ingredients and the scent. Vanilla scent plus Shea Butter always make up the best combination. Great review, Azra! 💕

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  3. Thank you dear. When I want to buy new products but I don’t have big budget, I usually buy something from Avon because it’s pretty affordable. xx

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  4. I really love the vanilla scent, it’s kind of comforting in a way. Also light moisturisers are the best, I don’t like the really thick creamy ones, cause it feels like its smothering almost. I loved reading your review as always 😀

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  5. This one is so light, you don’t even feel it on skin which is so amazing. Vanilla scent is always amazing in my opinion, I love it. Thank you for reading dear. xx

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  6. From makeup it’s their Illuminating face pearls, like I use them every single day. From skin care it’s probably Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining line. I have all of these products reviewed already, in case you want full on opinion on them. 🙂


  7. I love the simple but cute packaging, and I just know that is smells delicious! Not for eating tho🙂 thank you for sharing this, the shimmer effect you mentioned grabbed my interest too

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  8. I applied it last night and my skin is still glowing, it’s really nice and it smells absolutely delicious. I hope you can try it also. xx

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