March ’19 Favorites


March passed away, so it’s time to talk about beauty products I used a lot during month. This time I have small collection of goodies, but all of these products I used so much during month that I had to include them in this favorites post. I have some refreshing face sprays to talk about because we all need hydration during day, especially if you wear makeup daily. So let me tell you which products I’ve loved during March.

Lush Tea Tree water toner
This is my first Lush skin care product to try and I have to admit I really enjoy it. I tried few of Lush bath bombs before, but haven’t really used their skin care. I’ll be honest they are quite pricey which is always annoying especially when you want to try a lot of their products. I’m glad I bought this one though, it is really nice refreshing face mist that I usually use as a toner in my night time skin care routine. It works really nicely for my combination/oily skin. I haven’t noticed amazing difference in my skin, but I still like this one because it so quick and easy to use and it feels great on my skin.


Avon Naturals Escape coconut & starfruit body and face spray
I really like to have this spray in my bag to refresh my face and body during day. I also use it legit every time I wear makeup before makeup setting spray to add boost of hydration to my skin. It feels super refreshing and cooling on skin, it takes off powdery effect if I added too much powder. Also it smells so nice, I love the smell of coconut, it’s one of my favorite scents ever.

Alverde Vital under eye cream
This under eye cream is so hydrating, it’s probably the most hydrating under eye cream I’ve tried. I really like how creamy it is, it doesn’t have strong irritating scent. It makes under eye area really smooth, soft and hydrated which is what I need from under eye cream. I really like this one, so if you need new under eye cream, definitely try this one.

Catrice Malaika Raiss limited edition makeup setting mist
I know this is limited edition, but I’m sure that formula of this setting spray is the same like Catrice setting spray that comes in transparent bottle. I got this one because I really like packing, it is just so pretty. Also I never tried any Catrice setting mist, so it was perfect time. I love this mist, it is so good. Literally whenever I set my makeup with this one people are like your makeup looks soo good which has to be due to this setting spray, because I usually wear the same makeup over and over again. My makeup usually looks the same all the time, but if I set it with this spray I always get compliments. So I suppose this one does something amazing to my skin.


Essence Prime+ Studio Mattifying + pore minimizing primer – REVIEW
I did full review on this primer, check it out here. This primer I really like because it makes makeup on top look great, it helps with wear time of my makeup because it leaves sticky finish, so makeup on top sticks to it. Wear time of makeup is better when I use this one and also it helps with oiliness on my T zone, it makes it shine free for longer. This is great affordable primer, I really like it a lot. If you are looking for new primer to use, I recommend this one.

Catrice Malaika Raiss limited edition cream to powder highlighter (The Milky Way)
This is second product from Catrice Malaika Raiss limited edition that I have and I really like this one also. I’m not usually a fan of cream highlighters just because they can be quite tricky to work with, but I really liked packing on this one, so I gave it a swatch in drugstore. It looked so good that I was like I need this one. I really like it, because you can create intense glow with it or wear it really natural. It is really creamy so it goes so nicely on top of skin, it looks beautiful on skin and actually it is really easy to work with. So if you have a chance to try some of Catrice cream highlighters definitely do, because they have really interesting formula. I always fall for limited edition products, I just can’t help it. Are you guys like that also? Whenever I see new limited edition I need some products from it, it’s so annoying but I’m like that.


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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this favorites post. Let me know did you try some of these products maybe? What is your favorite product from March? Did you try something amazing in March maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

14 thoughts on “March ’19 Favorites

  1. I’m running so low on this one, need to pick new one super soon. I’m also obsessed with setting sprays, always need to have new ones in collection but this one is one of my favorites from all that I tried. xx


  2. Oh yes, woman who worked at Lush recommended that one, but I said that I need something for my oily T zone so I picked this one. Lush skin care is really good, I enjoy it a lot. xx


  3. Lush prices are really high which makes me not shop there as much as I would love to. Some of their products are definitely not worth the extra money. I usually mix liquid highlighters with foundation as they are hard to apply as a highlighter, definitely messy and hard to control where to put it while blending. xx

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