Body care empties – Empties #21


I recently sorted out my empties that I collected over months period so today I’ll share my body care empties with some random nail polishes also. I’ll start with three nail polishes empties and then move on to the body care stuff. Let’s get on with this post!

Revelique Ridge filler base coat
I really enjoyed this base coat. It worked great as protective base for my nails and I would buy it again. But sadly we don’t have Revelique here anymore. I still have some product in this container but it is really hard to get out, so I’m throwing it away.
Rate – 4/5

Miss Sporty Gel shine nail polish (shade -553)
I really like these Miss Sporty nail polishes, they last up to 4 days which is really good especially for the price. I adore this shade and I really hope I’ll be able to find it again. It is beautiful for autumn time especially and I used up two bottles already.
Rate – 5/5

Essence SOS Protect & Resist damage control base coat
I really liked some of Essence base coats before, so I really hoped that this one would be great as well. But it was just fine, it didn’t really help my nails to be strong unfortunately, so I wouldn’t buy it again. Essence has some really good nail care products actually, but unfortunately this one didn’t do much for my nails.
Rate – 2/5

Gulsah nail polish remover

I don’t even know where I bought this nail polish remover, but it was really good. It didn’t smell bad which is so important for me, because I hate nail polish removers smell. I would buy it again, if I manage to find it.
Rate – 4/5

Tesori d’Oriente White mush fragrance
I like to have this one in collection because it works as a great fragrance for clothes, my room or hair even. It is really clean scent which I really enjoy. It smells like fresh laundry, but in the best way possible. I already got another one.
Rate – 4/5

Avon Care Nurturing with glycerine hand cream
This was alright hand cream, but I wouldn’t say it is anything special. I probably wouldn’t buy it again as there is so many better hand creams to buy. It worked fine for hydration, but it wasn’t impressive. Also it took long to completely absorb into skin, which is so annoying in my opinion.
Rate – 3/5

Essence 24h hand protection hand cream
I really like these Essence hand creams, I repurchased them so many times before. They are really light on skin and absorb quickly which is so important for me. I like to have them in my bag so my hands can always be protected and moisturized. Also they don’t leave sticky feeling after which is so important for me. I will definitely buy this one again.
Rate – 4/5


Planet Spa Caribbean Escape with crushes pearls and sea algae luxurious bath elixir – REVIEW
I liked this bath product, but I don’t think I would repurchase it again as I don’t take baths often. I usually just shower, so this product just stays in my collection for long time. It took me so long to use it up, because I take maybe one bath a month really. It is really nice, creamy bath product that indeed feels luxurious. I think that every bath lover would enjoy this one so I think it is a great gift actually. I did full review on this product, check it here if you are interested.
Rate – 4/5

Balea Deodorant – Raspberry and rhubarb

I really liked this deodorant, it smells fresh and sweet at the same time which is great scent combination for deodorant. I would definitely buy it again as it is nicely protective and it keeps me fresh all day long. I’ll have to go to the DM soon, so I can have this one again in my collection.
Rate – 5/5

Alverde massage oil with calendula

I love this body oil so much. It is so perfect during winter time as it keps my skin so silky soft and smooth. Also, it is so hydrating I was obsessed with it. I would definitely buy this one again, but you can only use it in winter time as it is really thick body oil. I feel like I’ll repurchase this one soon, as weather is pretty cold right now. Also love that this oil comes in glass packing with pipette, it makes it so easy to use. Review of this body oil will be soon on the blog!
Rate – 4/5

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing skin cream with aloa vera and winter cherry
I really enjoyed this all round cream. I mainly used it on my hands and feet, but it was also great as a body cream. This is perfect to have on bed side table so you can moisturize hands and feet before bed and that’s how I mainly used it. I would totally buy it again, it is so nice.
Rate – 4/5

Byly Depil Hair removal strips for body (GOLD)
These are my favorite hair removal strips, they work great for my legs. I like to have them on hand when I need my legs to be extra smooth. I totally recommend these, they are not as expensive as Veet hair strips and in my opinion BYLY are so much better.
Rate – 4/5


Gillette Simply Venus razors – big pack
I got these as my fried recommend them as the best easy razors to have. I hate them so much, these are so bad. I usually buy Wilkinson Xtreme3 male razors as those are just amazing. These Gillette ones are actually trash, they are not sharp at all, they give me horrible rash where ever I use them. They can’t shave well in my opinion and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone that has sensitive skin. These are recommended for sensitive skin, but honestly I think these are just trash. Would not recommend, I wasted money on these totally.
Rate – 0/5

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That’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this empties post. Let me know did you use any of these products maybe? What is your last body care emptie? Do you have any recommendations for body care products maybe? Thank you for reading. Have a nice day! xx

5 thoughts on “Body care empties – Empties #21

  1. Fantastic review for each empty! I have not used any of these products, but the Alverde massage oil with calendula sounds good post work out. Will have to look out for it. I just emptied an all Natural Jason Pink Sea Salt body wash. xx.

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